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The Hundertwasser Art Centre (HAC) has reached its funding goal after the Government announced a further $3m contribution to the project alongside $3.5m from the Lotteries Commission.

Whangarei MP, Dr Shane Reti, has lobbied strongly for the project at a central government level over several years after being approached by city leaders for assistance with raising the money required.

“It has been my privilege to work with Whangarei District Council, Regional Council, Northland Inc and especially the dedicated HAC team who have worked tirelessly to bring this project to fruition. I believe todays funding announcement is an acknowledgement of many people over many years who shared a vision that will now be realised,” says Dr Reti.

“As Whangarei’s MP, I lobby strongly in Wellington for a range of needs that matter to our city and its residents. I’m delighted I was able to carry the voice of our region and bring central government to the funding table consistent with the long standing formula for projects of this kind. Today I want to also thank and acknowledge the hard work and collaboration of many government Ministers and many officials.”

“This will be an iconic landmark for our city and with tourism booming across Northland the time is right. $37m alone will be pumped into the local economy as a direct impact of the construction of HAC while a projected $26m per annum is set to benefit the whole Northland economy once the Centre is in operation.”

“This is another fantastic win for Northland and Whangarei. Our region is on the up and I’m delighted to be playing my part,” says Dr Reti. 

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