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Whangarei Heads Landcare Forum Inc (WHLF) will receive $80,000 to fight harmful pests in the Whangarei Heads area from the government’s Community Conservation Partnerships Fund.

“Whangarei Heads is one of the gems of our electorate and WHLF do a fantastic job coordinating a local response to eradicate rats, stoats, possums and other pests through projects like Backyard Kiwi,” Dr Shane Reti says.

“These unwanted visitors are a scourge on the natural environment and a direct threat to our native birds like the kakapo, kiwi and kokako that are practically defenceless against these pests. 

“Community groups like WHLF are vital to the future of conservation, and it’s wonderful this funding will help them fight the good fight against pests.

“Nationwide, pests cost our economy more than $3 billion a year. I have no doubt this Government funding will have a positive impact on an environment well worth protecting,” says Dr Reti.

Nationally, a total of $2.13 million was allocated to 31 community groups from Whangarei to Fiordland to start new pest control projects, expand existing efforts and make plans for the future.

The funded projects range from plans to eradicate possums and other predators from peninsulas and islands to smaller local schemes focused on a few hectares.

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