Shane's Newsletter December 2022

Dr Shane Reti QSM National Party Candidate for Whangarei 2023

I was privileged in October to progress through the party’s open selection process and be selected as the National Party candidate for Whangarei for 2023.  I want to thank everyone for their trust and support. I am adamant that together we will win this seat back for National in 2023 and have committed myself to this. I want to especially thank Dean, Debbie and Yvonne who worked with you all to increase our local membership over the past year.

A&P Show National Party Tent This Weekend

We will have a National Party tent this Saturday at the A&P show at Barge showgrounds for the first time in many years. Come and join us and chat and observe our new issues board and how the Whangarei public respond to what issues are most worrying them and where they place their stickers.

Whangarei Ram Raids

I have visited nearly every ram raid and burgled business in Whangarei. The wall of shame is expanding and this simply has to stop. Soft on crime is not working and honest hard working businesses are paying the price for a flawed ideology. National announced a sequence of initiatives including a new charge for serious young offenders and military academies for 15-17 year olds.

NO to Three Waters!!!

National is very clear that we will have no part of Labour’s asset grab and we will repeal Three Waters. Last week’s sneaky move by Labour and the Greens to change constitutional conventions was exactly that, sneaky and underhand and shows the lengths this government will go to. You may have seen the billboards along Western Hills Drive and Whau Valley Road that make our position very clear. I am having a sequence of online Facebook public meetings which have been very well received. Details are on my Facebook page

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A number of activities have required our attention and resources in the past 6 months including the Tauranga byelection and the current Hamilton West byelection. We are reminded of the very important infrastructure that must be in place for an election and we have started very early this campaign in building the campaign team.


Welcome to Electorate Chair Bill Shepherd QSM

It has been 6 months since our last newsletter and there is much to catch up on.  Firstly a further welcoming to our new electorate Chair Bill Shepherd QSM. Bill is well known to the electorate in his many governance roles and he joined a number of executive members at the midyear National Party annual conference in Christchurch which was very well received. Welcome Bill.

Bill Shepherd’s Response

Thank you Shane for your warm welcome.  It is a privilege for me to be able to contribute to the Party that I have long supported, though not actively worked for.  All the community roles that I have held have required me to be apolitical in my approach.  Federated Farmers, Chamber of Commerce Northland Inc, Hockey Northland and the Northland Regional Council.  In all of those roles it has been necessary to work with the government of the day irrespective of political persuasion.  I am no longer bound by those conventions.

I was fortunate to be able to attend the National conference of the National Party in Christchurch in July.  Experiencing up close the calibre of National’s next Cabinet inspired me to provide an opportunity for our Electorate members to have a similar experience.  So, we have begun a program of bringing senior Caucus members to Whangarei to our members and other potential supporters.  So far we have had Mark Mitchell, police spokesman, and Matt Doocey, mental health spokesman.  There will be others next year.

I look forward to your support in getting “Dr Shane” re-elected as Whangarei MP in 2023 as a key member of a National led government.

Finally our best wishes to you all over this coming Christmas and New Year. We need to have hope and a vision for New Zealand for the next 12 months and beyond and we are encouraged by the mood for change. With change comes the opportunity to work with you to paint a safer better future for Whangarei, Northland and New Zealand.

Dr Shane Reti QSM

National Party List MP in Whangarei