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National MP for Whangarei, Dr Shane Reti, has welcomed today’s Government initiative to partner with Golden Bay Cement to address the nationwide problem of waste tyres.

“I have been working with Golden Bay Cement and Environment Minister Dr Nick Smith on this initiative for a year and am delighted we have been able to conclude an agreement and grant. This initiative benefits the Whangarei economy with investment and jobs, ensures the Golden Bay Cement works has the latest technology and provides a realistic and practical solution for the millions of waste tyres generated around New Zealand.

“This $13.6 million grant is the largest ever from the Waste Minimisation Fund, reflecting the scale of the problem New Zealand has with five million waste tyres each year. We in Whangarei should be incredibly proud that smart engineers and staff at Golden Bay Cement have developed this innovative project to help solve a New Zealand-wide problem.

“There is not just the benefit of getting rid of over three million tyres a year but also the benefit of burning less coal at the cement works. We should welcome the reduction of 13,000 tonnes a year of greenhouse gas emissions from the plant – the equivalent of taking 6000 cars off the road.

“This Government-supported project and large grant are examples of National’s commitment to Northland. We have strong job growth in tourism and agriculture. This project will add jobs during both the capital investment and operational phases. This Bluegreen initiative also shows it is possible to grow the economy and improve our environmental management.”

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